It has been seen that 70 to 80% of American citizens left their pet or dog at home alone during holidays. If you have done this with your dog, don’t do this next time. You may not know that your dog faces loneliness and depression. 

Since they are animals, they can’t communicate through languages. Their body language is the medium to express their thoughts and feelings. In that case, you need to take responsibility and ensure that you will spend time with your dog. 

If you have a French dog or hmong dog, you must have noticed your pet wants to say a lot of things. Spend time with your pet and try to understand what they want to express. French dogs are very active as well as intelligent. Here are the best ways to keep your dog busy and entertained. 

Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained And Fit 

These are the best practical ways that help you to keep your dog entertained and healthy. A veterinary doctor has suggested that the dog needs to be busy with playing or other exercises.  So, let’s kick off the discussion about how to keep your dog busy. 

  • Bomber Ball

You may face problems understanding which ball is appropriate for your Frenchie. After destroying all tennis balls or any other ball, then try this bomber ball. This ball is specially designed for dogs. 

It has some industrial strength that will last for many days. One dog owner has said it is pretty good in quality and durability. 

  • Laser Pen

A laser pen is another interesting toy for pets. Frenchie will surely love to play with laser light. However, it is the cheapest way to entertain your dog as well as encourage to do exercise. 

Buy two laser pens at a time because their battery durability is not so good. Your pet will live to chase the laser light and catch them by paws. 

  • Magic Roller Ball Toy

You must buy these colorful ball toys. Fenchi will show interest in playing with them.  If your pet is bored by playing with the same things, don’t worry because you have found something different. 

 This magic ball toy can stimulate your dog's nose and mind. The best thing is your pet will love to spend time with this magic ball during your absence at home. 

  • Suction Franchie Tug Toy

Are you worried all the time by thinking of what your dog is chewing? We can understand it is tough to notice your dog carefully. One thing you can do is get a suction Frenchie tug toy. 

Giving them this toy that stimulates your Frenchie mind and keeps their teeth clean. This toy has two parts that resolve biting and screaming problems in dogs. 

  • Tug Of war Rope

Many pet owners have one common question: how they can deal with the habits of their pet’s chewing. Let us answer this, tug of war rope is the best product to meet your Frenchie chewing needs. 

On this note, you have to find the brilliant one because your dog is tugging, pulling, and tearing at it. So, you need to take the best quality product. 

  • Squeaky Bone Toy

A bone toy may be the best toy for a pet dog if you have not bought this product till we would request to get this toy for your Frenchie. Dogs always love to play with the bone toy. 

It would be your best friend. And Frenchie loves toys that squeak. Take one which is made of durable rubber. Red, green, or yellow is the best color for a squeaky bone toy. 

  •  Stuffed Toy

Frenchie loves stuffed toys. So, you have to buy this toy for them. You may have seen that Frechie takes your child’s soft toys. If you want to protect your child’s soft toy, you have to give them a stuffed toy.

These toys are available on e-commerce sites. Find them on Amazon, go through the feedback, reviews, and product descriptions, then click the cart option. It comes with 12 packs, so your dog never gets bored. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Here are some significant questions that you must consider.  Scroll down. 

Q1. How Do You Keep A Frenchie Entertained?

 You can utilize different types of toys to entertain your dog. Chew toys, squeaky toys, kong toys, and tug toys are all great choices to keep your dog entertained. Watch that they don’t get over excited when they play with them. 

Q2. How Do I Keep My Dog Entertained All Day?

This is the most common question among dog owners. Let’s see how you can entertain your dog daily. 

  • Practice short bursts of obedience training each day. 
  • Give your dog a food-dispensing puzzle toy or a stuffed Kong. 
  • Teach your dog the name of their toys.
  • Rotate your dog's toys. 
  • Teach new tricks.
  • Play tug of war. 
  • Let them watch the world go by. 
  • Play hide and seek.

Q3.How Do I Make My Frenchie Feel Loved?

There are8 ways that you can follow to make your Frenchie feel loved. 

  • Ear rub. 
  • Have warm and hearty conversations. 
  • Teach them new tricks. 
  • Treat your pup with respect.
  • Take time to cuddle. 
  • Have a daily playtime.
  • Surprise your dog with a treat. 
  • Hang out together. 

Final Words

These are a few ways that you can keep your dog busy and entertained all time. Don’t get all of these toys together. Get them one by one and allow your Frenchie to enjoy them with a full heart. 

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