One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms is Unocoin. It has more than 150,000 satisfied clients, and more than $350 million in revenue has been exchanged. This exchange platform was founded in July 2013. This platform provides a long range of services, such as it enables you to buy, store, sell, use and accept bitcoin.

Over 30 investors from all countries across the globe have invested and generated $1.5 million in cryptocurrency. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Indian history.

Primarily this platform provides services and operates only in India, but later it has a goal to reach the global markets as a top-notch platform. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the interesting facts about the Unocoin wallet.

What Is Unocoin?

One of the leading bitcoin exchange firms is Unocoin. It allows Indian investors to exchange and trade bitcoin cash. Investors can sell, store, buy and use the orders and also market bitcoin by exchanging through this platform.

The actual; focus and goal of this platform is to become an effective player in world trade. The focus point of unocoin is crypto assets that are in the process of funding to Indian users and international clients.

It started its operation in 2013 and, after that, launched as a pioneer in the world of bitcoin. Currently, it is based out of Bengaluru, a city in India. This Indian-origin platform is currently revolutionized, where you can buy Ethereum and Bitcoin tokens at the current market position.

In this case, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Unocoin has added several useful elements to its system.

The Unocoin wallet recently offers guaranteed and reliable factors as the best trading assistance to users. Although it is a crypto exchange platform, you can’t exchange Dogzilla on Unocoin wallet.

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The Features Of Unocoin

Below we have discussed some outstanding features of Unocoin.

1. Crypto Trading

Unocoin wallet has an interesting feature which is you can hold prominent tokens of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and US Dollar Tether. Novice traders who adhere to the rules of trading are hesitant about crypto trade. In this case, they can choose fiscal capital that they like to convert to INR. This platform will give you prompt service and assist in the exchange of selling and buying crypto.

2. KYC Verified

It has security gestures, which is why without completing two steps of verification, you can’t trade on the platform. In this case, users are able to enable an account if they use the delivered OTP on a mobile phone while registering on this software.

3. Wallet

While you are going to register this platform first, it will allow you to buy crypto tokens and store coins in several selections of various 40 unocoin wallets. This trading platform will allow users to track their past trades and assets. It also allows users to withdraw and deposit.

4. SBP Functionalities

The SBP plan or systematic buying plan of Unocoin is a compelling method to earn BTC and ETH profits. This also assists in economic conformity that reduces uncertainty and equates to the user’s cost. This trait also helps users to credit better profit.

5. Crypto Exchange Data

Unocoin allows users to scout the ideal set of buyers and sellers under its book landing page. In this case, you will get the bidding rate in detailed form so you can easily exchange the fare that you have dealt with your business partners.

6. Lending Hallmarks

One of the most beneficial characteristics is lending characteristics. It allows users to give back borrowed revenue as an INR/USDT against it. This feature is profitable when you do capital exchanges instantly.

Apart from that, when your trading position is incurred with large profit and operates loan operations, then also it is profitable and useful. In this case, the payout can be completed in monthly installments, along with no fear of losing BTC tokens.

The Pros And Cons Of Unocoin

Below we have mentioned some pros and cons of Unocoin. Apart from that, you can consider these factors as a Unocoin review.

Pros Of Unocoin

1) In the Unocoin wallet, there is a separate realm where you can achieve liquidity benefits.

2) You can store Bitcoin tokens in the Unocoin platform because it has high security and latency reserves.

3) The Bitcoin community of the Unocoin platform is able to easily navigate the interface of trading platforms and orchestrate transactions.

4) The Unocoin website has a significant reference business application.

Cons Of Unocoin

1) The verification procedure in the Unocoin platform is not easy, and it is also difficult to understand.

2) If you want to exchange your crypto capital through your Unocoin wallet, then Bitcoin is the only currency you can possess as a digital currency.

3) You can’t get many benefits after investing in Unocoin.

4) You can’t use MinerGate while you are trading on this platform.


We have mentioned some of the important factors about Unocoin above in this article. It is basically one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India. You can also mine Cruxpool cryptocurrency on this platform. The Interface of the Unocoin platform is specially structured for novice traders who want to operate trade in an efficient manner.

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries, please comment down below.

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